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Congratulations & Welcome! !

You are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your life- Parenthood!!

You must have a million questions. Hopefully you are planning to take a
course in prepared childbirth in your area.

This site is intended to supplement that experience.

Come inside-maybe a few of those questions will be answered.

Inside this site you will find:
Information about late pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn and much more.

Pregnancy Complications
3rd Trimester
Early Labor
Active Labor
Transition & Pushing
S/He's Here!
Home with Baby

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Disclaimer:The information and material provided within the pages of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond is
for educational and informational purposes only, and is not a substitute
for medical advice and treatment. Please consult your physician or local
medical facility for information specific to your individual needs.

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by Karen Ianacone, RN, MSN, CCE, IBCLC

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